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It’s All Reflected in the Eyes

new eyes2_hirondelle_1
Mirror to my soul. —Hirondelle (Mei)

Everyone knows that eyes are a mirror to someone’s soul. The eyes have this habit of capturing the essence of one’s soul and reflecting it, just like a mirror does. Eyes are the ones that betray our feelings and emotions. They are one of our most prized possessions. Just like a book that is read, they reveal our mysteries.

While looking through some of my old files, I came across this digital drawing I have made some time ago, and the moment I saw it, I knew I had to share it. Even though it is clearly not a masterpiece, but rather a mere drawing practice. Continue reading “It’s All Reflected in the Eyes”

Art Puddles, Blog

Magic Fairy of the Pen

After eternal struggles with finding an suitable URL that has not been taken yet, I found myself faced with yet another one. The writing of my first article on the blog. I do not remember clearly when it was that I actually registered the blog, but the post, as you can see, took a while to be written and published.

Originally, I planned on writing about a recent trip my family and I went on, but since the words I jotted down matched not the image in my head, I gave it up. I spent some other time fantasizing of another theme which might have fit, and then ta-dah! it simply came to me.

Since I enjoy drawing and doodling from time to time, I came up with the idea of occasionally posting some of my drawings and doodles on the blog as well. That is how I made the decision to allow my first article to incorporate my latest illustration, inspired, of course, by the name I have chosen for the little blog. Continue reading “Magic Fairy of the Pen”