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Magic Fairy of the Pen

After eternal struggles with finding an suitable URL that has not been taken yet, I found myself faced with yet another one. The writing of my first article on the blog. I do not remember clearly when it was that I actually registered the blog, but the post, as you can see, took a while to be written and published.

Originally, I planned on writing about a recent trip my family and I went on, but since the words I jotted down matched not the image in my head, I gave it up. I spent some other time fantasizing of another theme which might have fit, and then ta-dah! it simply came to me.

Since I enjoy drawing and doodling from time to time, I came up with the idea of occasionally posting some of my drawings and doodles on the blog as well. That is how I made the decision to allow my first article to incorporate my latest illustration, inspired, of course, by the name I have chosen for the little blog.

The image of a girl who rides a magic pen, flying off into the sky, occurred to me a few days ago, when thinking of a logo for the blog. I thought of  writers as of fairies, witches, and warlocks. To me, it looked legitimate. After all, they do trick, jinx, and cast the words in magic spells that entrance the reader, no?

At first, I thought of using traditional mediums, but then I changed my mind and went all digital. I was a little bit afraid of how it might come out, since drawing with a mouse/laptop’s touchpad is rather challenging and tiring, but overall, I am happy with the result.

There is still room for improvement, but for now this will do.

If you have any kind of advice to offer, the comment section is at your disposal. Any other comments are welcome, too. I would be more than glad to read your thoughts, so go ahead and paint some words below.



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