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Choice of a Name

Lately, spring fairies started dancing through the lovely trees, enchanting our eyes with marvelous colorful nice scented flowers. Through the parks, birds already cast their magical songs, announcing the re-awakening of Mother Nature. Pleasing greens meet our blurry vision as we leap through time, unaware of our actions, following the same tiring routine.

We are invited to daydream and we follow suit.

Away from technology and addicting homework, I began my journey through the park, alone, accompanied by the lovely trill of the birds. A few pigeons guided my way around, as if pretending to be my royal scouts, or rather chevaliers.

It was all magical. But as all magnificent things, my morning escapade had to reach an end too. Continue reading “Choice of a Name”

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Tale of a Bird

When I was little, I used to help my mother around, with various household chores. Sometimes, I would just tag along, watching her take care of all the work by herself, since the tasks would have been too difficult for a child, to carry on. So, all I did was keep her company and listen to her tales.

One day, while we were out in the garden, and the birds were chirping happily above our heads, I came across a tiny little delicate white flower, which majestically raised her head through the blades of greenery. I almost stepped on it, since, in my rush to keep close to my mother, I did not pay much attention to where my steps left prints. Continue reading “Tale of a Bird”

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6 Easy Ways To Get Sick

These past few days, the weather kept changing over and over again. No wonder I was able to witness the change from one season to another all in one day. One minute it was sunny and warm, the next it all became gloomy and windy. One day it rained and the temperature went below 10°C, the next it was all nice and pretty.

School was, of course, in session, and students must attend, otherwise where would all the fun be with all these mood swings of the weather? Surely, the spirit of adventure must prevail! Continue reading “6 Easy Ways To Get Sick”

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Milady, You Are Wonderful!

A week ago, I was making plans on how to surprise my mother today, March 8. Paintings, chocolates, flowers, letters, cards… poems… A bunch of random ideas flew through my mind, and then another bulb lightened above the top of my head. A traditional handwritten letter, since I am so far away. Yes, that should do the trick!

Days passed by, one after another, faster and faster. I felt exactly as if someone played some sort of sick trick in Time’s Chamber and ruined the machine. The first day of March flew by with the speed of sound, but luckily I talked to my sister in advance and decided to get mom flowers—the kind you can plant so they would no longer die. But this was for that day in particular, so what about the 8th? Continue reading “Milady, You Are Wonderful!”

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Red and White String of Spring

The day started off nicely, with the sound of the raindrops splattering rhythmically on my balcony’s roof. A delightful sound, there’s no denying. And all that was missing was a piano. Too bad I can’t play it. Oh well.

The whiteness of the ceiling greeted my eyes good morning and the phone cried silently by my side. I must’ve hurt its feelings by not checked the message it received and tried so ardently to share with me fast enough. The alarm slept quietly. I must’ve shut it off at some point. Ack. I got up later than planned and today was a busy day by definition! After all, it is the first of March! So many things to do, so many plans to fulfill.

A few days ago, I’ve decided to make this spring special, for you see, I was blessed with some amazing friends, visitors from other lands, who knew very little of the magical day of now. Naturally, I’ve chosen to cast some happiness across their paths as well. Red–white thread of spring in action! Continue reading “Red and White String of Spring”