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Milady, You Are Wonderful!

A week ago, I was making plans on how to surprise my mother today, March 8. Paintings, chocolates, flowers, letters, cards… poems… A bunch of random ideas flew through my mind, and then another bulb lightened above the top of my head. A traditional handwritten letter, since I am so far away. Yes, that should do the trick!

Days passed by, one after another, faster and faster. I felt exactly as if someone played some sort of sick trick in Time’s Chamber and ruined the machine. The first day of March flew by with the speed of sound, but luckily I talked to my sister in advance and decided to get mom flowers—the kind you can plant so they would no longer die. But this was for that day in particular, so what about the 8th?

Somewhere in the middle of the week, I got a call from my mother. “I am going to come and visit you this Sunday.” is what she said. Perfect, I thought, then I will be able to make up for Mărţişor and give her the gift for Mother’s day in advance, too! What could go wrong, right? Well—

On Friday night I realized I was running out of time. The letter was still not written, the idea of a poem was fading away from my thoughts, and the painting was yet to be given form. I was stuck. No ideas flew through my mind. What could I possibly draw for her? What kind of poem should I be writing? What words should I carve on the letter/paper?

Before, when I was still a high-school-er, things seemed so much easier. Whether in class or at home, I’d grab a pencil, some papers, and start writing. I remember that once I wrote the text for one of the cards I was making for mom, on a tissue. God, that tissue was so fragile and thin! But now, with all the readings, procrastination, and assignments I had to do for college, I felt so worn out I couldn’t even write a sole word down.

“Hey, mom!”, I started one night, “I kinda want to send a letter.” Her small laughter filled my ears, as she responded “To whom?”. After a little bit, I gave her my reply: I don’t know. I’ll just send it to you.

Nope, I am quite sure that she did not figure out why I wanted to send her a letter. But in case she comes across this post of mine, then she will know. (This is for my sister: Please don’t let her read the letter part! Gaaah~)

On Saturday night all I had was a box of chocolates and a hazelnuts chocolate bar. No letter whatsoever.

During a call with my sister, I found out that my whole family was to come on Sunday. The more, the merrier, right?

Happy Mother’s day~!

I spent the night before their arrival watching some Korean drama. My mind was blank; the muse left me. The sketchbook was resting on the desk, awaiting for another try. Too bad his master had given up. That night I went to sleep with a slight feeling of regret. Where did my creativity go?!

The next day, I greeted mother with a smile. During morning, I made a quick sketch for the painting I was going to gift her. Obviously, I didn’t manage to finish it before she came so I had to hide it away. I showed it to my sister, though. Yet, I still managed to bring a huge smile on my mother’s face. The chocolates worked their magic.

And today, I see myself in the position where all I can do is send her a virtual version of the painting. Snap! A picture sent through an email.


19 thoughts on “Milady, You Are Wonderful!”

    1. Haha, yeah. I generally tend to put a bit of myself in the gifts I offer, to remind the person who is to receive it about our relationship-friendship, family relations, and such. 🙂


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