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6 Easy Ways To Get Sick

These past few days, the weather kept changing over and over again. No wonder I was able to witness the change from one season to another all in one day. One minute it was sunny and warm, the next it all became gloomy and windy. One day it rained and the temperature went below 10Β°C, the next it was all nice and pretty.

School was, of course, in session, and students must attend, otherwise where would all the fun be with all these mood swings of the weather? Surely, the spirit of adventure must prevail!

Somehow, last week, I kept losing the bus to school, and consequently risked being late. It is still a miracle that I got there on time!

Everyday, just before I left home, I looked outside the window for a few seconds, examining the passer-byes. I, then, glanced at the sky. During the sunny days, it smiled brightly back at me. Sometimes, it would hide itself behind grey clouds.

My decisions on what to wear were made on the basis of these observations. Yet, every single time I was proven wrong, as if the whole weather decided to mock me.

One day, I left home ten minutes earlier. My plan was to catch the bus so that I would be able to visit a bookstore too. Unfortunately, the bus passed me by exactly when I had to cross the street! So, I lost it.

“On horses! To war!” is what the mighty ruler seems to say; a cry to defeat the weather’s tricks.

After quickly doing my math, I decided to walk to the book store, since technically there was plenty of time.

That day I dressed exactly the way weather dictated. It was sunny and nice outside. But just in case, I put my scarf and hat in the bag.

I walked on, with the treacherous sun watching over me from behind. Suddenly, the wind blew strongly, messing up my hair, making my ears freeze, and sending chills up my spine. The tall buildings cast their shadows over my head. I thought that once I got into the open, where the buildings lowered their heights, the wind would stop blowing, so I did not put my hat on.

Big mistake.

As I continued to walk ahead, I could feel how a thousand swords were piercing through my head and cutting through my ears. My hands grew cold and my noseβ€”red. I stopped for a second and put on my hat and scarf. However, by the time I got to school, I already looked sick. With a runny nose and bleak eyes, I was the perfect reincarnation of a cold.

And this is how I came up with a list of six easy ways to get sick (thank you, weather mood swings for offering me such a valuable lesson!). In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Fashion before health! That, my friend, is a must.
  2. Forgotten your umbrella? Perfect! You will be singing in the rain~!
  3. Too cold outside? Go for a run and sweat it out!
  4. Vitamins? Forget them! You definitely do not need them!
  5. Why not go for a picnic on a dark, cloudy day?
  6. Share a warm room with a couple more people and leave the viruses spread~!

Note: This whole list is a joke. Please take it as seriously as you can!


19 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways To Get Sick”

  1. I am very guilty of number one. I put fashion before health as sometimes I want to wear something although it is cold outside and leave out consideration for weather in exchange for looking cute πŸ™‚


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