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The past few weeks have become quite hectic, which means that all of my plans were overthrown. I have constantly found myself in a race against time, skipping meals, being up late at night, trying to figure out how to finish my school work earlier or in time. But, hilariously, most of my struggles were in vain. Why? Well…

  1. My presentation for one of the classes was postponed again. (I am getting the feeling I will never get to deliver that speech sort of thing.)
  2. The test/midterm my classmates and I were supposed to take became an assignment due in two weeks time. A week has already passed.
  3. Some movie I watched for another class was no longer discussed. We have talked about something else instead.

And these are just a few of the activities which ate up my time and simply messed with me. Next up, a couple of unpredictable activities which intervened. So…

  1. I was asked to participate in a student conference, for which the submission deadline for proposals was pretty close (now I found out that the deadline was extended). ButIamreallyshyandbadattalkingsoIhavenoideawhatwillhappen.
  2. Another deadline approached really fast. This time, for a research paper. I thought I was late in handing it to the professor and so I ran through the city (for less than an hour), hoping that I would still find him at college. Somehow, I still got there way too early.

Today I am heading home. Back to the countryside.

This Sunday we will celebrate Easter (I know that most of my readers have already done that, and now it’s my turn for a holiday—yaaayyy!), and for this reason, some universities grant their students a one week holiday. But high schools and middle schools operate differently, which is funny because some of my siblings are going to be in school while I’m relaxing at home.

I can’t wait to get home, after months, and see my family. Especially my grandparents, whom I haven’t seen ever since I left, at the beginning of the new term.

The writing that you can all see right there means “happy”, and behind there was supposed to be “Easter”, but since I was too close to the giant pannier, the picture came out like this.

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