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My Easter Break in a Nutshell

Despite all of the assignments and other projects I was required to prepare for after the holidays, I have packed all my things in a hurry on a Wednesday night, ready to go back home and spend a well deserved week relaxing and having fun. After all, Easter was coming and everyone would be home, celebrating.

My entire family could hardly wait to see me again. Especially my grandparents who haven’t seen me ever since the winter break. My siblings were also eager for my return. They have all expected me to go home earlier, since Thursday was practically off, and on Wednesday I had no more classes. However, since I was not able to finish a research paper before Wednesday (the deadline was on Thursday), I had to spend two more days in the city, working assiduously, striving to finish it before the professor would leave, and then running through the city, trying to get to school in time so that I could hand in my paper.

On my way back.

 On Thursday morning, I headed home.

The first to greet me, upon my arrival, were my mother and brother who came to pick me up from the bus stop in a nearby city. The next were the dog and the cat. Well, mostly the cat; I somehow got a feeling that the dog was upset with me, since I only went home once in a while. Blame the distance, dear doggie…

On Thursday night, we were supposed to go to church and attend the religious service, but one way or another, we ended up not going anymore. We were all exhausted.

We spent the next day making preparations for the night religious service where Christians bring flowers, gather and sing “Prohodul Domnului” together (this song is specifically sung during the Good Friday night religious service), and at around 7 p.m. we left for church. We returned home at midnight, with lit candles.

On Saturday, mom started cooking and baking for Easter. My siblings and I, we all gave her a hand, though, I must admit, it was mostly my sister that helped, since I went ahead and met up with Harry Potter once again, while my brother wrote songs in his room. (If you want to read about my first encounter with the bespectacled boy, click these words.)

At midnight, we were already inside the church, waiting for the religious service to begin. I expected to meet some of my old classmates from middle school, but except for one guy whom I saw too late to offer my greetings to, there was no other person my age or younger that I could recognize. The church was mostly packed with new faces.

We returned home in the morning (honestly, I don’t even remember what time it was), when it was still raining. (It actually rained most of the week, including on Friday and on Saturday evenings.)

On Sunday morning, all family was gathered around the table, greeting each other with the traditional “Hristos a Înviat!” (=Christ is Risen!) and replying with “Adevărat a Înviat!” (=Truly, He is Risen!) and enjoying the tasty food mother had prepared. We also tapped red eggs, saying the words we used for greeting each other before knocking them (I am sorry if my translation is a little off here…). Then we all spent the day doing different things. My siblings and I, for example, played computer games together.

The next few days were spent similarly, just that during one of the days, I was left home alone, while the rest of the family went on a short trip in the mountains. I actually chose to stay home because I spent so much time away that I simply wanted to enjoy a little bit more time there. Besides, my dear pet friends missed me too, so I had to play with them a little more as well, not to mention that my grandparents were also waiting to me, so I had to spend more time with them too before coming back to the city.

Towards the end of the week, I have started on my assignments. I was also expecting a professor of mine to send me a document which I could not find, but unfortunately, she was out of town, so my homework could not be entirely completed, meaning that I had to spend Monday night, after classes, trying to get it done.

All in all, even though I did not manage to visit my grandparents more than just a few times, I had a good time at home, and I am glad that we have all managed to spend the holidays together.


4 thoughts on “My Easter Break in a Nutshell”

  1. Easter is my favorite religious holiday! Unfortunately, I didn’t visit my family this year, because I had too much work until Good Friday and I wasn’t able to travel – thank God, Skype was invented! hahaha. But I am glad you had such a lovely time! 🙂

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