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Cherry On Top

It is quite rare for me to livestream when I am drawing or doodling. However, not long ago, I was in a Skype call with one of my friends from abroad, happily conversing about our lives and futures, throwing jokes at each other, and listening to music, when I started working on a rose. In the beginning, there was nothing but a huge red spot on the white virtual paper, but I have decided to show it to my friend either way. She laughed at me, thinking I was joking, so I proposed a show and talk sort of Skype call.

After a while, when my rose got some shadows and lightnings on, my friend dared me to draw a rat. Naturally, I took the challenge, and left the flower I was working on, incomplete.Β 

Her request went like this “draw a white good looking rat in glasses”. Little did we know that once I started drawing, new jokes and laughter would echo through our rooms, like never before.

Oh, look! He flies!

The poor white rat took the form of a shiny grey sausage, at first, which drew my friend’s funny comments regarding the unfortunate creature’s appearance. His hands and feet were similar to a cat’s, his ears were deformed, not to mention the fact that his teeth were misplaced. In the beginning, the whites of his eyes made him look possessed, but once the brilliant blue was added, everything changed. When I began shaping the ears, my friend was already choking on laughter, “They look like tombstones.”, she remarked. I laughed, then zoomed in and added two tiny words: RIP RAT. The poor fellow signed his doom.

By the time I moved on to the glasses, he looked like a granny. A pair of light colored glasses rested on the nose of a shiny dark grey sausage. With a tail. And two tombstones for his ears.

When I finished the drawing, my friend asked “Are you satisfied with it now?”, since the white guy went through a lot of changes. “No,” I replied.

Moving on to drawing his hair, my dear friend commented “Poor guy, he’s sick with lice.”, which continued with my lament “I am so very sorry.”.

We both laughed.

By the time his fur was done, he looked as if he dipped in a bowl of whipped cream.

“Now all he’s missing is a cherry on his back.”

“Do it.”, my friend replied.

“Poor guy. Just look at him.” I said as I plastered a smile on his face, then moved on to the shadows around him. “He wants to levitate!”

My friend took a look at the drawing, then burst out laughing. “Oh my God, his nose looks like a mushroom!”

I chuckled and proceeded to drawing a broom. “Poor guy, now he’s dizzy. But the good news is that he’s still smiling.”

My friend said that this would make a very good Valentine’s Day card. I’m beginning to agree with her.

“That rat is so AWKWARD, oh my God!”

“Check this out! The poor fella’s got a story, too!”Β  I began. “It goes like this: once upon a time, in a far, far away land, there was a tiny young white rat who loved to read. He read so much that he became unable to see, that is, of course, without a pair of good old glasses, which also happened to become his most trusted companion. So the rat read and read and read, until one day when he decided to leave his humble home and embark on a journey to see the world. And so he did. He ventured into a human’s kitchen and up the wall he went. Unfortunately for him, gravity was against him (such a fearsome enemy!), and since his levitation skills were not the best, he slowly slid down to the ground. Poor guy, he’s almost twisted his right foot and broken his arm. Luckily, he still managed to get up. He looked around, and then he saw it: a large bowl of whipped cream was resting on the counter. What if he tried that goodness out, too? After all, he had heard so many stories about the sweetness of the cream, that he was dying to give it a try too! He left the spot where he fell earlier and ran to the counter. Poor unfortunate soul! He failed to see the mammy entering the room. But the woman saw him and left out a sharp cry, which made the little creature freeze in its tracks. He was caught. The woman was going to kill him any moment now. He dashed aimlessly through the kitchen, until he got… to a dead end. There was no escape. And cherry on top, the woman, holding tight to a broomstick which he had no idea where she got from, got closer, and closer, and closer. And then… WHACK! The poor white rat was smacked in the head.”

He’s finally able to levitate. Oh, the joy!

I paused to save the picture, and then I realized I was forgetting something. “Oh no! The whiskers!” I have quickly added them, as my friend stifled a laughter. “Isn’t he cute?” I asked.

My friend lives in denial.

10 thoughts on “Cherry On Top”

  1. I really enjoyed your little “adventure”, hahaha. But you are proving how creative you can be once more, since you created a whole story out of a sketch challenge! You are talented, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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