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Study Time (Comic Strip)

This is me struggling with some essay.

Today I have decided to post something a little bit different. I honestly thought it would take less than it took, considering that I my original plan was to post the hand-drawn comic strip, but since it came out really bad after I scanned it, I had to re-do it—so I have drawn it digitally. (I can’t wait to buy a drawing tablet, though I am pretty sure that it will take a loooooong while until I will.)

The idea with the phone and the cat comes from My Talking Angela, since it kept notifying me that the kitten needed me. Oh yeah, I ditched the cat. Poor creature, she got ignored.


  • Paint SAI Tool for drawing and coloring;
  • PIXLR for the speech bubbles and the text.

Okay, I shall now return to my studies.

PS:  At first, I wanted to use speech bubbles and write some dialogue (and the strip was longer), but it was quite difficult to get the bubbles to stay the way I wanted them to, so I gave up the idea.


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