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This Crazy Game (Comic Strip)

Everything has been hectic for me this past month. And I expect it all to become even worse since I have to work on some projects—some are personal, some are not. Anyway, since I have been away for such a long, long time, I thought it would be nice to have a comic strip up here (though this time it is traditionally drawn).

So here you go.

Please forgive me for my long, long absence. ( ; – ; )

PS: What do you think the Hangman riddle is?

Later EDIT: You can now find the answer to the riddle here.

3 thoughts on “This Crazy Game (Comic Strip)”

  1. I love your comic!!! You are pretty much describing my life for the last two months! Too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed to do or think anything…. I am so tired that I can’t even figure out your riddle. What is it? I am curious. 🙂 I hope everything goes well in your life. We have missed your posts! ❤

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    1. Thank youuuu! ❤
      Uh-oh, I hope all is well now and that whatever was troubling you went away. ;-;
      Hmm, I was thinking of revealing that in the next post. xD So that, if there is anyone else who wants to give it a try (to guess the answer, I mean), I won't spoil them. xDD
      Thank you and I hope the same for you. Stay well~

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