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Life Happened

My first blog-post after I have returned from my unannounced absence, was a comic strip with a riddle. And an apology.

Honestly, that was not my first option. I actually planned on explaining why it took me so long to return. But somehow, instead of writing a proper piece with words, I came to draw the main reason behind my inability to post anything for such a long time. As you have most likely guessed, life happened.

June was the exams month, and no matter how much I struggled to write anything, be it fiction or not, the right words refused to come out. I knew what I wanted to write about at that time, but somehow, my fingers refused to cooperate. And so did my mind. As a result, I turned to drawing, but since my last post before that was a comic strip too, and I was not exactly happy with my drawings, I ended up not showcasing those either.

With all those exams and revisions and studying, I came to be rather stressed and anxious, reason why I then decided on postponing everything. Little did I know that after I had made the announcement on my Facebook page, I would encounter some issues with my internet connection.

“What happened?” You might ask. “Did it drop?” Well, the answer is no. Not really.

After my exams were done, I had to go home. And that happened right before the scheduled date for my next article. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I did not want to go home, or that I was forced to. I wasn’t.

The problem was that I did not know that instead of two-three days, as I originally planned, I would end up staying there for around two weeks. Without my laptop. And facing some internet connection issues (I just cannot access it whenever I want to.)

Why did I not get my laptop with me? First of all, because it was an extra baggage to deal with, secondly, because it was heavy (poor lapie-chan is really old), and thirdly, I thought I would return to the city sooner.

Why did I spend more time than I originally intended to? Good question. You see, the educational system here requires college students to do internship hours in the field they are studying. The amount of hours varies from field to field, and from level to level. Sometimes, students, if they are also working while studying, can equate working hours with internship hours—under one condition: if and only if their work responsibilities can be connected in some way to their studies. What is also important to note here is that if one does not bring evidence of their having done the required internship hours, s/he cannot graduate. One last thing I should mention briefly is that these hours can be worked either during the school year, or during the summer break. I for one, decided to do it during summer time (I suppose I was also a little scared and anxious, since I had some bad experiences with an internship before).

Yes, the girl in my comic was a marionette, and up there you can find the lovely answer to the riddle.

For that reason, right before leaving for the countryside, I applied for a job and considered a few others, in case I did not get accepted by Company #1. So I went home and awaited for a call, an invitation for an interview. And I got it. After around two weeks. That is when I have returned. I went through a practical test, then the interview followed. (This would be a good moment for you to remember the “Search for a Job” line in the last panel from my comic strip, hehe.) Of course, after all those procedures, there was more waiting to do. More stress to deal with (in addition to some other issues that arose, but I am not going to talk about those).

Last week, I believe, I received the feedback from Company #1. “We want to thank you for your professionalism and everything, but unfortunately, we have chosen another candidate to work with.” Or something around those lines.

Of course, my best friend, monsieur Anxiety, did not shy away from paying me a long visit after I got that email. Thankfully, I managed to kick him out of the door eventually, and then I resumed my job/internship/voluntary work hunt. And just like Autumn explained in one of her articles on how she had to look for a job once she got laid off (some years ago), I, too, came to learn the horrors and the struggles behind job searching.

Which now brings me to the present day.


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