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Wattpad Summer Story Contest

A couple of weeks or so ago, one of my friends announced a Wattpad summer short story contest. Needless to say, the theme of the contest was summer or anything summer related.

The moment I saw the contest notification, I bounced with excitement. I was extremely eager to participate as it presented me with a good opportunity to fight against the dreaded writer’s block. So I quickly threw in a comment, to let my friend know that “I’m in~”.

A few minutes after, I called my sister to ask her if she wants to participate too.

“What prizes are there?” she asked.

For a moment, I was quiet. There really was no real prize aside from the chance to practice our skills.

“Well… he didn’t announce anything big yet. I’ll forward you the announcement.”


Click. And she hung up.

After she had read the contest announcement, she messaged me that she would think about it.

I kept my fingers crossed for her reply.

Meanwhile, I began to create all sorts of scenarios for my upcoming story. I thought of characters and of their environments, and I even tried to jot down a couple of ideas. But the moment the tip of my pen touched the white paper of my notebook, everything froze around me. Words refused to come out and my head continued to wait, suspended above the open notebook.

Eventually, I put the pen aside and started to doodle.

“There’s no way I will force the story out of me. That would make it sound horrible.” I said to myself. I needed to find a way to beat writer’s block.

For a couple of days, I did nothing but wait for that creative bolt of inspiration.

Instead, I got a call from my sister, telling me how she has already written a part of her story.

“You are going to lose,” she declared. “Unless, of course, he favors you because you’re his FRIEND!”

I laughed. “Like that’s gonna happen.”

But she was right to a point. If I did not find something quickly, I was going to lose.

So I grabbed my phone and looked for a cool app to get me some practice. I needed some writing prompts to help me get back into my writing mood. I thought that if I wrote at least a little for a few days, I would manage to deal with writer’s block and exile it on a far away deserted island.

“My story is almost done~” My sister announced a couple of days after I downloaded a writing prompts app. “How is it going for you? Are you still stuck?”

Yup, that’s my motivation right there. Sibling competition always gets the best out of me. Well, kind of.

“I’ll find something.”

From then on, she would call me every single day and ask about my progress. From “how’s everything going?” to “how many words do you have left?” to “how many pages did you write?” to—

“Why don’t you write about that idea you’ve told me a month ago when we were in our grandma’s garden?”

“Nah, I am not gonna write that story yet. It’ll be too big to fit the 2000 words limit. Besides, I don’t even remember anything of what I’ve said!”

Thankfully, a day before the deadline, my story was up on Wattpad, waiting to be read.

“How many words did you write?”

I mumbled a 900 and my sister laughed. She laughed for a good five minutes.

“I can’t believe you only wrote 900 words! Hahaha! I beat you!”

What else could I do than pout?

“That’s such a small amount! Hahaha! And here I was, thinking you’d have trouble staying under the limit! Pfft—”

And the torment continued for a few more minutes.

“What did you write about, by the way?”

“Why don’t you just go and read for yourself?” I teased. “I’m really looking forward to your reaction!” I stifled a laugh.

“You wrote about animals, didn’t you?”

“Who knows~?”

“You did.”

“Read it and you’ll see. I’m not gonna spoil it for you.”

The contest ended and she still hasn’t looked at my story. Except for—

“I saw your cover. I bet your story is full of hearts.”

“I won’t tell. Read it and tell me what you think. I am sooo curious about your reaction,” I snickered.

“It’s a depressing story, isn’t it? ‘One Last Summer’ sounds SO depressing!”

“Just read iiiiiit~”

“I will. In a couple of days.”

Honestly, I have never been more excited for my sister to read my writing. I know that the story as it is now is full of imperfections and it really needs some editing (it’s so short and I couldn’t keep to my original plan!), but I am so curious to see her reaction once she reaches the end of it.

For those of you who are interested in our stories and would like to read them, you can find a brief description, along with the link, below. Or even better. Why not hold a little contest and see who is your favorite? Her story or mine?

Only Food Cover Allison MichelleStory title: Only Food…

Author: Allison Michelle

Description: Witness the funny and witty conversation between Chip and his brother, Chipper, during one hot summer day. Follow their hilarious adventures here.

Blurb/Excerpt (taken from Wattpad):

“Come on, stop yammering! Let’s be honest, it’s not because of the heat that you feel the way you do, but you yourself! Don’t you remember when we passed by a puddle and you didn’t want to drink from it, citing a lot of crazy reasons such as not being thirsty, or whatever random animal drinking from it, or that a cow walked by it, or that you’ll bloat and get fatter, and a bunch of other stupid reasons? Well, let’s hear what else you gotta say now!” Chirp snapped. —Allison Michelle, Only Food…

One Last Summer story cover hirondelleStory title: One Last Summer

Author: Hirondelle (Mei)

Description: The last day of summer arrived and Marvin lays in bed, thinking of Jane’s imminent departure and reminiscing the past. Accompany the poor fellow’s train of thoughts here.

Blurb/Excerpt (taken from Wattpad):

The dreaded last day of summer. A moment of truth and suffering for all those who part. It is a gate through which memories return, casting doubt and shadows over the future.

“Please don’t go. Stay with me…” —Hirondelle, One Last Summer

Happy reading! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us whose story you liked best.

I wonder… who will win? My sister or me?
Please vote below~


2 thoughts on “Wattpad Summer Story Contest”

  1. I have to laugh over the sibling rivalry. Yeah, there’s definitely motivation there. You know, out of my dozen+ siblings, none of us went into the same field. Probably because by the time we hit college we couldn’t stand competing anymore.

    I have to pick your story. It sucked me in far more quickly, with a conflict and more concise dialogue. I was also intrigued by the mystery around the relationship, because at first it seemed like a romance, then a sister, then a brother, but with more admiration (trust me, my big brother was NOT NICE). You also had a great twist at the end, which is on point for a short story.

    Good luck in your contest!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and read the stories! It really means a lot to me! ;u;

      Haha, my brother and I went into the same field, just that I changed it last year, since I chose to pursue a different graduate program.

      Competition is fun sometimes. xD

      Oh, thank youuu! I’m really glad that it all turned out well. QuQ

      Thank you~

      Liked by 1 person

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