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How I Got Sick

I haven’t written anything yesterday (yes, more often than not, I am writing my blog posts on the same day I want to publish them; that’s how I practice my writing—at least once a week), thinking that I’d be feeling better today. It seems not everything goes as planned.

And here I was thinking that this summer I will get sick no more. I was mistaken, terribly mistaken.

Sick girl drawing by Hirondelle Meirie
Cough Attack. And headache.

My biggest mistake was to leave the windows open and continue to work in the same room. (No, I don’t have any kind of AC. 😦 So yeah.) And that is pretty much how I got sick. My poor health never wants to cooperate, it seems.

Lesson: do not open your windows and stay in the same room when it is too hot. Unless you’re Hulk. Then you can do it.



4 thoughts on “How I Got Sick”

  1. Try taking good care of your health. Seems like your immunity is bit low. And shut the windows. It gets cold on the mornings. Even I’m scared of AC and drinking cold water. I also get cold very fast.

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    1. Trying, yes. ;-; Funny enough, I got better, but after I started working, I woke up with a sore throat again (my boss turned the AC on). Good thing that I didn’t get a headache again too. ><

      You take care tooo! Stay healthy!

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