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This is going to be a rather short post, compared to my regular articles. And I am really sorry for it.

As you may already know, this summer I’ve been looking for work, be it a regular job where you get paid, or an internship, or something like that. In the end, after lots and lots of research and job analysis, based on some points I’ve listed in a previous post on some of the things I consider to be the most important when looking for a job, I did manage to find a place to work at.

It’s volunteer work, but so far I really like it. The people I have met there seem to be nice, caring, and to put their hearts into their work, so I am happy.

But anyway, that is not the aim of my post today. The announcement I am going to make, even though it breaks my heart at this point, concerns my presence online, on this blog, to be more specific.

When I set up my blog, all I thought about was that I needed to improve some of my skills:  English, writing, drawing… I also challenged myself to do things I would not normally do, to walk out of my comfort zone, at least a bit. So I really didn’t expect people would come and read my entries or even stick with me for so long (I think it’s been a year already ever since I set the blog up, even though there was nothing written on it at that point) and when you all came and read and left me comments and talked to me, I was overjoyed!

Really, you’ve all made me so so happy!

That’s why, now that my updates became a little irregular and I’ve become aware of the fact that you are here, supporting me, I can no longer be selfish and think only of myself.

I mean, I’m almost at 50 subscribers and a little over 1000 views, and while this might not mean much to some, for me it’s a lot! Honestly, I’ve never thought I would reach such numbers with my sloppy writing and somewhat random articles that were posted once a week. I am deeply grateful to all of you who’ve been passing by, reading, enjoying and commenting on my articles.

Thank you gif glow

Now I feel all the more sad that I have to make this announcement. Sob sob.

As always, I’ve imagined this summer to be different from all the rest and finally, this year, it was. Naturally, there were both good and bad things that happened and which I am grateful for, but unfortunately, summer came to an end and with it, new challenges arise, challenges which, by nature, have a tendency to eat up our time.

As always, there is work that takes time. I know what you are going to say: “You’re a volunteer, you work when you can. So come back here!”, but I can’t simply work for one day and that’s it. I’ve decided to allot a few hours a day to the NGO I’m working for, which is shrinking the amount of spare time I have.

Then there is my research paper, which I didn’t even begin to write. (I’m not a lazy person, I promise.) I have yet to send my professor the outline, the plan I’ve cooked for it—meaning that I have to typewrite it, since right now the notes rest somewhere in a notebook on my desk.

And then, there is an exam I want to retake so that I get a higher mark (the educational system in my country allows students to retake three exams, at maximum, if they want their mark changed to a better one—that, of course, if they do better in the retake).

Oh, and in addition to all that, there is also a school project my classmates and I are working on. To be honest, I’ve already spent around two hours trying to figure out how the platform they wanted to host the project on works. And I really hope I’m not the only one who’s clueless about it, cry cry cry.

Ah… how could I forget?! There is another thing that will take some more time away. While I was at the office, working, I’ve made a suggestion to the CEO regarding one of their projects, and now… I have to do some extra work. Me and my big mouth! Still, on the other hand, I think I will be having fun, since the task involves drawing. And writing a script. Of course, they will all be samples, and if the CEO likes them, then they’ll be included in the project. Hopefully, all will go well.

Aside from all these activities, I also plan on trying to get an article published in some international magazine (if only I could remember its name) that deals with the American culture. However, since I’ve entirely forgotten where I saved the Call-For-Papers invitation, I’ll have to spend some time looking through ALL of my bookmarks and notes. Fortunately, they are all organized… in folders. With no subfolders. Ha. (I think I also sent the invitation to myself, as a message on Facebook, but… it got buried by other information I saved in the same place. GG self, as one of my friends likes to say.)

Oh, oh, oh! There are also some events I was invited to this week. One is on Christianity, and frankly, I’m both excited and scared to attend it, since I’m unfamiliar with the place where it is organized, and the other one has something to do with culture, and it is organized by various embassies.

As you can see, there are lots of things to be done, so unless I manage to write a few posts in advance and make a plan for everything I want to do, I won’t be able to come here much. That is why I will be on hiatus for a while, as I really need to come up with a good plan to make it all work. (I’m still working on time management…)

Also, since I hate missing deadlines (something that happened quite a few times with this blog), I will not set any for my return just yet (especially since time is a rather unpredictable concept) so your best bet would be to follow me on Facebook or on Twitter, to stay in touch. That’s about the only good news I can give after mentioning the hiatus, I guess.

By the way, before I end up my what-is-this-you-tricked-us-this-is-a-super-long-post, I would like to mention that those of you who are interested in my writings (creative writing/fiction), you are more than welcome to join me on Wattpad, follow me and read my stories.

Last thing before I return to my work/have lunch, if you have any advice on time management or anything you want to share with me, you are more than welcome to do so in the comment sections. Even if I won’t be writing on the blog for a while, I’ll still come online from time to time.

That being said, I hope you all have a wonderful day, week, month, and see you all soon~

hirondellemeirie crying face

PS: I am sorry, I didn’t expect the post to get THIS long. I didn’t plan on tricking you. Please don’t hate me. ( T – T )

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