The Scribbler

First of all, thank you for passing by! And since you are now here, how about you take a stroll around this little place of mine? I am quite sure that once you have landed upon this page, you would also like to learn a bit about the scribbler, the master of the quill or should I rather say–of the keyboard, behind this world unraveling before your very eyes, so take your time and read ahead.

My name is a secret, but you can very well call me Mei—a quite simple and common name. And before you ask, no, I am not Chinese. In fact, my nationality is quite different. I am European, Romanian, to be more specific, and despite my use of a foreign nickname, I am very proud to be what I am. Actually, you might find it even stranger that my pen-name is French.

Why French? Well, because I consider this lovely language to deliver a soft and elegant touch to most things. French names, in my opinion, are quite delicate and cute. To be frank, in the past I struggled quite a lot to find a name that would fit my taste, and once I found it, I had to renounce it due to a silly story. Yet, I retrieved it recently and honestly, I am so very happy to be able to be called Hirondelle again.

You might wonder why I am not using my real name for my works, since there are a lot of perks involved in that case. Truth be told, I am the kind of girl who does not feel very comfortable when it comes to being in the public eye. Even though there are some dangers when it comes to using a nickname you have been given or a name of your own (pen-name), but it is more fun this way. Really!

Now that you got acquainted with my nickname and nationality, I should offer a bit more insight on myself too, right? Let us get to it then!

As I had the guts to tell one of my professors, I am a unicorn. Yes, yes, everyone turned round and gave me funny looks. But it is true! I have graduated from one of the best Law Schools in Romania, and I have then enrolled into a graduate program (MA) in American studies. There must be something fishy there! Why would I switch fields?! The explanation is quite simple: knowledge is power.

You must think I am some scatter-brained girl. Honestly, you might be right. I have a tendency of losing myself into a sea of activities and ideas. Of course, it is difficult to handle them all, and fatigue catches up to me, but I still remain a daydreamer who expects to be able to manage everything in a way or another. The bad part is that when I fail to juggle everything, I have to stop, take a break, and find a new way to deal with all… or renounce some of the things I am doing.

This is one of the main reasons why I have been mostly missing in action as far as my writing is concerned. Oh, right! I forgot to mention that I am a magician of souls. I toy with words and shape the lives of various characters. You can read about them on Wattpad or on Textnovel, though the latter is slowly dying, unfortunately…

Usually, my writings are also accompanied by my own art. Even if I am not exactly good, I still enjoy drawing and painting, be it traditionally or digitally. (I do not own a drawing tablet. Sad face.) Other than that, I edit pictures. (You can see some of them on my Facebook page.)

I suppose it is now time to end this whole presentation, and I will do so by mentioning one more thing: I might be the first Romanian to ever write a Cell Phone Novel! And to boast a tiny little bit, I will mention that I have earned a few awards during my high-school and college years both in the fields of writing and art. Psst, some of them are the Editor’s Choice Awards offered by Textnovel—I believe those are the most recent ones.

PS: Before you take your leave from this page, make sure to tell me a few words about you too! I would love to meet my readers!

PPS: If you see the name of Coralie Soreille, please note that it used to be my pen-name for a while, last year.



4 thoughts on “The Scribbler”

    1. Thank youuu! ❤
      Hehe, it's actually Chinese, in origin. It is, in fact, the short form of Mei-Mei (it means little sister in Chinese), and alone, the name (Mei) means "beautiful". 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, thank you for passing by! Oh, really? I was unsatisfied with it… I am not good at writing such things, “abouts”I mean.

      Thank you for the compliment. 😀

      Oh! I didn’t even notice that the header on the About page is different! Um, I actually have no idea. It’s just the template header from the theme. I’ll change it to a picture from Romania in a bit. 😀 (If I figure out how to do it.)


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