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This is going to be a rather short post, compared to my regular articles. And I am really sorry for it.

As you may already know, this summer I’ve been looking for work, be it a regular job where you get paid, or an internship, or something like that. In the end, after lots and lots of research and job analysis, based on some points I’ve listed in a previous post on some of the things I consider to be the most important when looking for a job, I did manage to find a place to work at.

It’s volunteer work, but so far I really like it. The people I have met there seem to be nice, caring, and to put their hearts into their work, so I am happy.

But anyway, that is not the aim of my post today. The announcement I am going to make, Continue reading “Announcement”

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5 Important Things to Consider when Applying for a Job

A few posts ago, I was talking about the reasons behind my very long absence from the blogging world, and one of the things I mentioned was my looking for a job or internship. In this post I will share the most important 5 things to consider when applying for a job, based on my experience.

As I have mentioned before, my university requires each student to work for a number of hours, which number, if not reached, prevents the student from graduating. Continue reading “5 Important Things to Consider when Applying for a Job”

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How I Got Sick

I haven’t written anything yesterday (yes, more often than not, I am writing my blog posts on the same day I want to publish them; that’s how I practice my writing—at least once a week), thinking that I’d be feeling better today. It seems not everything goes as planned.

And here I was thinking that this summer I will get sick no more. I was mistaken, terribly mistaken. Continue reading “How I Got Sick”

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Life Happened

My first blog-post after I have returned from my unannounced absence, was a comic strip with a riddle. And an apology.

Honestly, that was not my first option. I actually planned on explaining why it took me so long to return. But somehow, instead of writing a proper piece with words, I came to draw the main reason behind my inability to post anything for such a long time. As you have most likely guessed, life happened. Continue reading “Life Happened”

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Cherry On Top

It is quite rare for me to livestream when I am drawing or doodling. However, not long ago, I was in a Skype call with one of my friends from abroad, happily conversing about our lives and futures, throwing jokes at each other, and listening to music, when I started working on a rose. In the beginning, there was nothing but a huge red spot on the white virtual paper, but I have decided to show it to my friend either way. She laughed at me, thinking I was joking, so I proposed a show and talk sort of Skype call.

After a while, when my rose got some shadows and lightnings on, my friend dared me to draw a rat. Naturally, I took the challenge, and left the flower I was working on, incomplete.  Continue reading “Cherry On Top”

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Panic in the Bus!

Whenever I am heading home, there is a funny feeling in my stomach, a fear that I might lose the bus, or that I would embark on the wrong one, and then I would end up in another city, with not enough money on me, and no place to stay at (in case there is not enough time to return, of course). Obviously, this works the other way round too. I am actually more worried when I have to return to the city, than when I am heading home.

I remember how once, while I was a freshman in the BA program, there was just one more day before my winter break ended, and I had to leave home and head for the city again. Dad drove me to the bus stop, in a nearby city, so that I wouldn’t need to take the forever-awfully-crowded-bus that went through the village, then change and take another one that would head to City #2, where Continue reading “Panic in the Bus!”

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Mischief Managed

A week ago, I returned home. Today, I came back to the city. The badly needed holiday ended. It is time for all of us, the people who were lucky enough to get a one-week break from college, to get back to work.

Even though some of us (ahem!) have already spent time studying during the last half of the said week.

However, despite all the studying that me and my siblings did, there were also other fun activities that we engaged in. But that is going to be a whole different post. This one will actually be dedicated to my selfishness and how Continue reading “Mischief Managed”

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The past few weeks have become quite hectic, which means that all of my plans were overthrown. I have constantly found myself in a race against time, skipping meals, being up late at night, trying to figure out how to finish my school work earlier or in time. But, hilariously, most of my struggles were in vain. Why? Well… Continue reading “Return”

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Choice of a Name

Lately, spring fairies started dancing through the lovely trees, enchanting our eyes with marvelous colorful nice scented flowers. Through the parks, birds already cast their magical songs, announcing the re-awakening of Mother Nature. Pleasing greens meet our blurry vision as we leap through time, unaware of our actions, following the same tiring routine.

We are invited to daydream and we follow suit.

Away from technology and addicting homework, I began my journey through the park, alone, accompanied by the lovely trill of the birds. A few pigeons guided my way around, as if pretending to be my royal scouts, or rather chevaliers.

It was all magical. But as all magnificent things, my morning escapade had to reach an end too. Continue reading “Choice of a Name”

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6 Easy Ways To Get Sick

These past few days, the weather kept changing over and over again. No wonder I was able to witness the change from one season to another all in one day. One minute it was sunny and warm, the next it all became gloomy and windy. One day it rained and the temperature went below 10°C, the next it was all nice and pretty.

School was, of course, in session, and students must attend, otherwise where would all the fun be with all these mood swings of the weather? Surely, the spirit of adventure must prevail! Continue reading “6 Easy Ways To Get Sick”