Come and Find Me

You know what I would love? To get in contact with you! Here are a few other places where you can find me:

  • Facebook — Let’s be friends! Send your love and you will receive most of my updates: writings, edits, drawings, WIPs (Works in Progress), new projects; you know, all the cool stuff.
  • Twitter — Follow me and keep up with updates! All that can be found on Facebook goes to Twitter too. But not the other way round. Sometimes, Twitter might have more updates than Facebook.
  • Textnovel — Read my Cell Phone Novels! This is one of the sites where I post my writings, mostly CPNs. Unfortunately, sometimes there are issues with the servers…
  • Wattpad — More stuff to read! This is the place where I first started writing, even though I was there only for a little while. I deactivated my account when I found Textnovel, and reactivated it once more after a while. Here you can find more of my stories. PS: I am trying to bring the stories I have posted on Textnovel here.

Head over and say hi! I would love to see your message pop there too!


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