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How I Got Sick

I haven’t written anything yesterday (yes, more often than not, I am writing my blog posts on the same day I want to publish them; that’s how I practice my writing—at least once a week), thinking that I’d be feeling better today. It seems not everything goes as planned.

And here I was thinking that this summer I will get sick no more. I was mistaken, terribly mistaken. Continue reading “How I Got Sick”

Blog, Misadventures

6 Easy Ways To Get Sick

These past few days, the weather kept changing over and over again. No wonder I was able to witness the change from one season to another all in one day. One minute it was sunny and warm, the next it all became gloomy and windy. One day it rained and the temperature went below 10°C, the next it was all nice and pretty.

School was, of course, in session, and students must attend, otherwise where would all the fun be with all these mood swings of the weather? Surely, the spirit of adventure must prevail! Continue reading “6 Easy Ways To Get Sick”