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5 Important Things to Consider when Applying for a Job

A few posts ago, I was talking about the reasons behind my very long absence from the blogging world, and one of the things I mentioned was my looking for a job or internship. In this post I will share the most important 5 things to consider when applying for a job, based on my experience.

As I have mentioned before, my university requires each student to work for a number of hours, which number, if not reached, prevents the student from graduating. Continue reading “5 Important Things to Consider when Applying for a Job”

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Life Happened

My first blog-post after I have returned from my unannounced absence, was a comic strip with a riddle. And an apology.

Honestly, that was not my first option. I actually planned on explaining why it took me so long to return. But somehow, instead of writing a proper piece with words, I came to draw the main reason behind my inability to post anything for such a long time. As you have most likely guessed, life happened. Continue reading “Life Happened”