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Why I Rarely Draw Boys

Pretty much everyone around me keeps asking why do I rarely draw boys or men. Well, to put it simply, I suck at drawing males. Somehow, they end up looking too feminine. Or too frowny (is this even a word?).

A few weeks ago, as I was playing around with my markers, I thought of trying to draw one of my OCs, Jun’s friend from my cell phone novelChidori“, to be more precise, but I failed miserably. Continue reading “Why I Rarely Draw Boys”

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How I Got Sick

I haven’t written anything yesterday (yes, more often than not, I am writing my blog posts on the same day I want to publish them; that’s how I practice my writing—at least once a week), thinking that I’d be feeling better today. It seems not everything goes as planned.

And here I was thinking that this summer I will get sick no more. I was mistaken, terribly mistaken. Continue reading “How I Got Sick”

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This Crazy Game (Comic Strip)

Everything has been hectic for me this past month. And I expect it all to become even worse since I have to work on some projects—some are personal, some are not. Anyway, since I have been away for such a long, long time, I thought it would be nice to have a comic strip up here (though this time it is traditionally drawn).

So here you go. Continue reading “This Crazy Game (Comic Strip)”

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Mischief Managed

A week ago, I returned home. Today, I came back to the city. The badly needed holiday ended. It is time for all of us, the people who were lucky enough to get a one-week break from college, to get back to work.

Even though some of us (ahem!) have already spent time studying during the last half of the said week.

However, despite all the studying that me and my siblings did, there were also other fun activities that we engaged in. But that is going to be a whole different post. This one will actually be dedicated to my selfishness and how Continue reading “Mischief Managed”

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Dear Roses

What can speak more about love than a rich bouquet of red lovely roses? Sweet scents that enchant our senses, making our hearts race, and our minds play on dear memories.

At the beginning of this year, I bought myself a new sketchbook, and eager to try it out, I grabbed my colored pencils and traced the lines to a sweet painful memory. I’m kidding. What I actually had in mind when I began sketching was one of my stories, Chidori, a Cell Phone Novel I wrote a couple of years ago (and which is now being edited, reason why I will not provide a link just yet), which focuses on a Japanese young adult who finds himself fall in love in the most stunning circumstances. Continue reading “Dear Roses”

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Milady, You Are Wonderful!

A week ago, I was making plans on how to surprise my mother today, March 8. Paintings, chocolates, flowers, letters, cards… poems… A bunch of random ideas flew through my mind, and then another bulb lightened above the top of my head. A traditional handwritten letter, since I am so far away. Yes, that should do the trick!

Days passed by, one after another, faster and faster. I felt exactly as if someone played some sort of sick trick in Time’s Chamber and ruined the machine. The first day of March flew by with the speed of sound, but luckily I talked to my sister in advance and decided to get mom flowers—the kind you can plant so they would no longer die. But this was for that day in particular, so what about the 8th? Continue reading “Milady, You Are Wonderful!”